", Points positifs : "Qualité toujours au rdv et avion au niveau" Timing of meal service was perfect and overall seemed far less rushed and chaotic compared to emirates business class." Qatar Airways propose un vol quotidien Doha/Zanzibar (sans changement d'appareil). Points négatifs : "2 bagages cassés au retour dont une ouverte", Points positifs : "ils sont toujours à l'écoute et attentionné Parfait en globalitees", Points positifs : "Très pratique,gagne beaucoup de temps partout où nous allons. ", Points positifs : "Nothing was wow! Points négatifs : "Turn on A/C of plane upon boarding (it is the only airline where the A/C is turned on after the aircraft detaches from gate, even budget airlines in have A/C on when boarding) Improve entertainment (more movies / better selection up to date) Increase seating space Improve food options and quality", Points négatifs : "Air craft very small was full with passengers ac was not good before takeoff. Extremely cramped seating. (Unaceptable) 2. Points négatifs : "The service I was given by the crew, the aircraft it’s self etc", Points positifs : "I liked the space you have on the seats the leg room is very good because I am a tall person with some airlines it’s very uncomfortable for me thanks." Si vous partez de Tunis, la durée de votre voyage sera de 06H21 min, pour une distance de 5.213 Km. Excellentes correspondances avec les vols Paris/Doha. Points négatifs : "They check for everything in the counter as if it was a low cost airline. Due to the fact that airplanes have become cultural melting pots, thousands of feet in the air, I think it would be peacefully beneficial too all, if a very discreet announcement could be made at the beginning of each flight regrading seating etiquette, respectfulness towards others etc. Points négatifs : "Food was terrible. Points négatifs : "Air condition was very low", Points positifs : "entertainment, good movie choices" Pour aller de l’europe vers Mexico les sièges sont dans lis confortables sue les vieillissant de l’A380 d’Air France. They wouldn't let us in the terminal. 11. ", Points négatifs : "They won’t allow me to fly", Points positifs : "The captain" For being about to be on a 17 HOUR FLIGHT we should be ALLOWED to have our carry ons with us! Allowed passengers to get up, collect thier bags from overhead compartments immediately after landing and during taxi. 3. Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed, had to run to my next connection flight. They Redbook flight which was three hours later, so missed our tax home as well. Points négatifs : "Seats not great for such a long flight. Points négatifs : "We were delayed & missed our connection", Points positifs : "Crew was amazing. Fortunately there was another unreserved isle seat and I was able to move. Points négatifs : "Boarding was chaotic and congested with not much information or order. I thought that was an UNACCEPTABLE reason for us to check in a carry on luggage when we had a 17 hour travel time ahead of us. We were left to fan ourselves as the cabin overheated in the hot sun. No touch, no 1/8 inch audio jack (it has the old 3 holes one). In flight entertainment was awesome too." ", Points positifs : "Was the cheapest flight for the dates on offer and now apparent short cuts" Points négatifs : "Inexplicably, our preassigned seats were changed at checkin and we were put in bulkhead. Réservez votre vol à destination de la Tanzanie dès maintenant. ", Points positifs : "Airport facilities" Points négatifs : "More movies on the system", Points positifs : "Qsuite is the best flight experience I've ever had by a long, long way. ", Points positifs : "On general quite good" Recherchez sur des centaines de sites et trouvez des vols pour la Tanzanie, Sélectionnez jusqu'à 3 aéroports de départ, Saisissez un emplacement pour afficher les aéroports à proximité, Sélectionnez jusqu'à 3 aéroports d'arrivée, Sélectionnez un aéroport dans le champ de recherche, 0 bébé/siège (moins de 2 ans) sélectionné, 0 bébé/genoux (moins de 2 ans) sélectionné. ", Points négatifs : "No seats available while waiting to be checked into the gate. Points négatifs : "Add an entertainment system, better food, there shouldn’t be a long wait to get a drink after your meal and maybe serve water with the meal. ", Points positifs : "The flight attendant who was in charge of my zone. More importantly, I felt quite guilty about the greenhouse gas emissions of my flight. They said you have extra baggage, I explain them that I payed already to turkish airline. Points négatifs : "Staff was not particularly warm or attentive. Points négatifs : "Main courses weren’t all the great. ", Points positifs : "He missed it due to having a 32 minute layover, which he ran all the way to board." A flight between two countries that is five hours long must be better than this. I always book an isle seat, especially for long flights (this was 12 hrs. Although they are efficient and i made it this time, i wouldn't want to do this with kids." ", Points positifs : "Left on time, arrived on time, crew were friendly and efficient, toilets were kept clean the entire flight, seat in economy had enough leg room and recline to sleep" Inscrivez-vous à la newsletter, vous serez ainsi toujours au courant des dernières nouvelles Points négatifs : "On this trip back to Dublin, our flight from Munich to Dublin was delayed for over two hours. Arrived at the airport before the gate closed to tell me I was on a flight 7 hours later. Avion propre et choix de langues (anglais, néerlandais et français) apprécié." ", Points positifs : "Crew was exceptional. Rude crew. The customers was good and nice" ", Points négatifs : "Turn the lights on early making it hard to sleep", Points positifs : "We got to Amsterdam on time" Everyone was extremely rude. ", Points négatifs : "Flight on time would have been good when you have a late evening arrival. If you go a kilo more over your baggage allowance you have to pay 100 eur. ", Points positifs : "I didn’t" When I got to passport immigration desk in Dubai the first thing I did was show my phone camera picture of exit flight info. There were a number of others having the same issues, it was an awful experience. I will never fly with them again", Points positifs : "Nice crew, good food." ", Points positifs : "Staff" HE DIDN’T SHOW UP. Actually this stupid airline and this stupid employee's dealing with me like a stupid, all my time I walk every where in that stupid airport, they just gives me orders and I have to follow like it was my mistake. Need to give out more water on flight to combat dehydration as well. The entertainment had no movies or TV shows I liked. L’équipage était au courant. ", Points positifs : "Crew were very helpful and courteous", Points positifs : "Faultless as per usual QA flights", Points positifs : "had a whole row to myself and the food was very good", Points positifs : "Food crew and entertainment were all good thanks" L’aéroport est proche de la ville d’Arusha, dont se font la plupart des départs pour les safaris. Was never offered more to drink, and after asking for more wine was ignored. Great seats" Cherchez un vol pour Tanzanie sur KAYAK. Points négatifs : "737 B 800 seats don't recline much like Turkish air or Saudia! Vous avez également la possibilité de prendre un ferry depuis le centre-ville. Stewardess very friendly and helpful! But the pilot refused to turn any ventilation. It took an hour of being ignored by various TA staff to eventually get my boarding pass to the next available flight to London. Il peut délivrer un visa ordinaire de trois mois ou un visa à entrées multiples valable un an. Points négatifs : "Nothing", Points positifs : "The flight was excellent, with good food and good service. I'm pretty disgusting and disappointed by the whole experience. ", Points positifs : "Nothing" That's was my first and last flight with them. Recherchez sur des centaines de sites et trouvez des vols pour la Tanzanie, Sélectionnez jusqu'à 3 aéroports de départ, Saisissez un emplacement pour afficher les aéroports à proximité, Sélectionnez jusqu'à 3 aéroports d'arrivée, Sélectionnez un aéroport dans le champ de recherche, 0 bébé/siège (moins de 2 ans) sélectionné, 0 bébé/genoux (moins de 2 ans) sélectionné. Lufthansa air service is very worst. Points négatifs : "I paid almost $400 for upgraded seats. ", Points négatifs : "They won’t allow me to fly", Points positifs : "Actually everything" ", Points positifs : "Great crew, confortable seats, free complimentary internet service" Crew were super rude. Points négatifs : "The headphones didn't work", Points négatifs : "1. Seats are not comfortable. I have important meeting in morning and my jop in the evening. The ticket agent, the gate agent and the cabin crew all did nothing to make up for the fact that their system screwed up and stuck me in a cramped coach seat in the back of the plane for 11 hours-- TWICE! I nearly missed that one as well because of it. ", Points positifs : "Everything was well taken care of." They said you have to go back to turkish airline deck about this extra kg's. Points négatifs : "1. Security staff was extremely rude and inconsiderate for peoples belongings. Points négatifs : "Boarding was late and they change the number of the gate without telling the passengers. Ticket agent was prepared to deny my passage on flight. Points négatifs : "1. They adjusted the seating arrangements so there was an empty seat in every row to give passengers more space. The reason why is because they said they don’t think they have enough space for our carry ons. Points négatifs : "Clairement le système pour faire notre checkin online est pourri", Points positifs : "KLM was a great experience compared to Airitalia. Points négatifs : "The staff though friendly was found to be unhelpful. The food was good, the flight attendants were very helpful. We haven't received any apologies not even offer a drink. They took very good care of us. Missed my connection flight from Muscat due to delay in arrival from Istanbul", Points positifs : "Cheap airfares, direct flights" We already went through 3 security checks prior to boarding the flight. ", Points positifs : "Un grand merci pour avoir été surclassés lors de ce vol qui fut des plus agréable . Points négatifs : "Entertainment Luggage claim Food", Points négatifs : "Late boarding Late take off Late luggage Broken seat", Points négatifs : "Egypt Air provided lounge access for only 3 hours of a 7 hour layover", Points positifs : "Food was good." Trajets aériens similaires : ORY → DOD, ORY → IRI, ORY → DOD, ORY → DOD, ORY → IRI Relèvement: 142,51° (SE) They provided headphones, blankets and pillows. Sans qu’on nous donne le moindre repas. ", Points négatifs : "Flight departed 35 minutes late", Points positifs : "The cabin crew was so kind, efficient, and attentive. Delay and lost a bag", Points négatifs : "Really I have taken this flight several times and they are always perfect", Points positifs : "The crew was good but the seats werenot comfortable. ", Points positifs : "Nithing" They Redbook flight which was three hours later, so missed our tax home as well. ", Points positifs : "great over all experiance. I was literally carrying three bags and a toddler in my arms, and passed by at least three crew members. This meant her feet were coming on top of my legs, and her legs were forcing her husbands legs into my space, touching my leg - I had to put a pillow between my leg and his leg. In Istanbul, it seemed that everyone did not want to give directions, and airport officials seemed to avoid the public they were there to serve. ", Points positifs : "It’s alwa on time" Le prix affiché pour chaque vol correspondra au prix moyen par passager, y compris les enfants. Surprise and they are aware of my ticket with a return in Thi September. The Airitalia flight was very mediocre. société soumise au droit espagnol, inscrite au registre du commerce de Madrid, Tomo 36897, Folio 121, Hoja M-660117 dont le siège social est Calle Conde de Peñalver 5, 1 Ext. Points négatifs : "No entertainment and the food was a joke ! Points négatifs : "Dormir dans un avion ou essayé d'y dormir est une sacrifice que je ne suis plus prêt a payer . Paying for the seats we chose...that will never happen again...I'll fly another airline first. De plus, le personnel était plus ou moins compréhensif et accomodant." Crew were super rude. ", Points négatifs : "Fix the damn KIOSKS at Vienna! 11. ", Points positifs : "Overall a nice and good flight" Legroom was pretty tight but not horrid Crew making announcements on landing were unprofessional, heard co-pilot or steward laughing in the background - while captain droned on in Arabic - this does not engender confidence in their ability to fly the plane! The ear plugs they gave out were useless. Points négatifs : "Food was terrible. The Airitalia flight was very mediocre. Fantastic modern aircraft, brilliant crew and great food." Les voyageurs qui présentent des symptômes du COVID-19 à l'arrivée peuvent être tenus de passer un test. TV screen is not good quality, with the old controls on a handset. ", Points positifs : "Everything was well taken care of." Points négatifs : "Leg room, food, service from the cabin crew is fantastic just to say a few words. Otherwise have to inform one day earlier. Far from what usually TK is expected to offer on an short international flight", Points positifs : "Food and service is excellent. We found out when we finally got through security (we had already gone through security at the Paris airport), everyone was in the same situation and our flight had been delayed. ", Points positifs : "Service is awesome. I had to spend 750 £ and buy a flight from another airline to get home", Points positifs : "I really like the Qatar flight from Auckland to Manchester. Points négatifs : "No good movies", Points positifs : "Didn't like anything" ", Points négatifs : "No being able to rebook! However QA did not provide a wheelchair during check-in at Paris Charles de Gaulle for whatever unjustified reason", Points positifs : "The attendants were great." ", Points positifs : "Everything to tell you this because I always underated the airline because it’s from Africa that’s all thank you." ", Points positifs : "Embarquement très rapide, vol ponctuel. Points négatifs : "I suppose it's just a matter of different manners", Points positifs : "The crew were accommodating, we departed on time, the inflight food was good and the entertaiment was varied." ", Points positifs : "Good food" I have flown KLM for years, this was not what I expected. Points négatifs : "Refreshments", Points positifs : "Personnel serviable. ", Points positifs : "tout sauf la ponctualité" Security staff was extremely rude and inconsiderate for peoples belongings. Points négatifs : "IST transit", Points positifs : "Yes on your ticket you ask me to have one bag luggage 1 piece max 40 insted when I reach air port LHR they refused then it cost me 85£ extra to buy new bag I am sending my clam to soo", Points négatifs : "The Ground crew didn’t know how to add a bag", Points positifs : "The food and the entertainment" It was outrageous. When it came time to sleep, the wife stretched out over her husbands legs, who was sitting beside me. Points négatifs : "Rien ne m'a déplu", Points positifs : "Overall it was ok. ", Points négatifs : "We did not get two of baggage at the destination. Again, no communication. Boarding was a complete chaos. You get what you pay for though. Points négatifs : "When we book the flight we should be informed that it is mainly for Al-Haj people. Just make a face lift to the plane, everything else is good. The 737-800 needs some improvements!" Points négatifs : "Foot rest in economy, gluten free meal is poor (except bread). Réservez les billets les moins chers sur Kenya Airways, compagnie primée par les World Travel Awards. Other airlines feed you pretzels and charge you for a blanket. ", Points positifs : "Seats were very comfortable. Points négatifs : "Food", Points positifs : "As always crew magnificent", Points positifs : "Yes. That's about all that was good." Poor air con during flight. It would be nice for Lufthansa to at least offer the passengers something to eat or drink while on board waiting for such a long time. ", Points négatifs : "Retard du vol dur avec un enfant", Points négatifs : "Retard du vil dir avec un enfant", Points positifs : "I am a disabled passenger. But beware now that the Akl leg leaves 1 hour later the transit in Doha is officially 1.15hr. ", Points positifs : "The price was great and the service and planes were adequate for a relatively short flight. Points négatifs : "1. Au cours des 72 dernières heures, le billet d’avion le moins cher pour la Tanzanie depuis la France coûtait 273 € pour un aller simple et 384 € pour un aller-retour. Complete chaos. Points négatifs : "Heathrow T2 Business class checkin wasn’t clearly signed from entrance. Points négatifs : "The screen for my seat was not working correctly so could not do anything except wait for flight to finish", Points positifs : "Awesome leg room in economy. It was cold on board and also had to board via steps from outside", Points positifs : "The seat was spacious and the concept of the evening meal being the lighter option was innovative and well thought out" Points négatifs : "waited for 2 hours upon immigration clearance, not sure what was the issue. Points négatifs : "The leg room was a bit limited on long flight. L’itinéraire le plus populaire est Paris - Zanzibar. La haute saison est en janvier, novembre et décembre et mai est le mois le moins cher pour partir pour la Tanzanie. 2021.Pour en savoir plus sur les restrictions à travers le monde, veuillez consulter notre page sur les restrictions de voyage liées au coronavirus (COVID-19). But then I was well looked after. Vol pas cher Tanzanie, bons plans vol sec dernière minute ⇛ Réservez maintenant avec Promovacances ! Even though the delay was over 6 hours they gave no compensation besides lounge access to a lounge that is not fully functional. They were friendly and eager to assist with everything. Thank you so much!" Points négatifs : "Le manque d'espace , mais il me semble que s'est pire avec d'autres transporteurs. From checking in to getting off the aircraft, service was a-okay." Points négatifs : "here is where they get you, yes, super cheap flight and 2 checked bags included, but you are only allowed 15kg a bag! Points négatifs : "Even though the same plane was used, the Cuban authorities asked passengers bound to Caracas to deboard the plane, pass to transit, to have us waiting an hour to re board. Points négatifs : "No complaints. Entertainment was good too." Complete chaos. A newer 777 and more comfortable lie-flat seats" I told the crew member checking us in that other people that was checking in with the same hand carry size luggage with us had no problems taking it with them. Points négatifs : "Nothing", Points positifs : "Crew was very polite and helpful." ", Points négatifs : "Qatar counter check asked how long I will be staying in Ho Chi Minh, even though my visa expired in 2022! ", Points positifs : "Great crew. Clogged asiles. 6. Far from what usually TK is expected to offer on an short international flight", Points positifs : "Food and service is excellent. ", Points positifs : "Everything- leg space, crew were great, relaxed atmosphere, great entertainment systems" This happens for different reasons. They took very good care of us. ", Points positifs : "Avion tres confortable, design intérieur et lighting parfait. Alors que d’habitude j’ai toujours froid ! Points négatifs : "L’ecran de divertissement ne fonctionnait pas..", Points positifs : "Dans les temps, confortable, personnel aidant", Points positifs : "The service from check-in till landing was on the ball and superb. Flight wasn’t full so I also had two seats to myself. Consultez tous les vols Air France disponibles au départ de Paris et à destination de Zanzibar. Points négatifs : "Security at Manchester was very slow - long enough make me ill from standing in one place too long. Points négatifs : "Heathrow T2 Business class checkin wasn’t clearly signed from entrance. 2. We take carry ons for that reason! While in the line, many people panicked and starting pushing their way to the front of the line. The crew were courteous, addressing us by name and nothing was too much trouble. Points négatifs : "Rien ! We got off our connecting flight and no one was willing to provide us with directions. I took a long time to get accepted by the WiFi in the two lounges. Additional baggage payment to Air Baltic did not show up on the KLM system and we had to pay again. Points négatifs : "The seats could be roomier. ", Points positifs : "Business class cabin in the 777 was really spacious. I asked for preferential boarding, was given any. Planes were new and in great condition. Profitez de nos programmes de fidélité Blue Biz & Flying Blue. Points négatifs : "Everything was perfect", Points positifs : "Service was outstanding" That's was my first and last flight with them. Points négatifs : "Des choices of movies", Points positifs : "comfortable seats good service" I did going back to them they said we cannot do anything, leave one bag here and we send the other one later. There was no notification from Lufthansa that my return journey would be been cancelled as well. Points négatifs : "Le repas n'était pas très bon et j'ai eu faim", Points négatifs : "The food was sub-standard, though it was described accurately as a snack. The couple sitting beside me were upset that I did not take the window seat. Points négatifs : "Le steward qui soccupait de notre secteur aurait avoir plus d'entregent et sourire. Points négatifs : "Bathrooms were so dirty by the end of the trip. ", Points positifs : "The plane was too hot" Points négatifs : "headrest is no rest at all, very uncomfortable as it does not adjust other then up or down. They lost my husband wheelchair and we did missed the flight. The staff in Turkey was rude and unhelpful and most didn’t understand English properly. Points négatifs : "Lack of film choice", Points positifs : "The staff are outstanding! Points négatifs : "Next time I will fly business class for more space and comfort. ", Points négatifs : "I missed my connecting flight in Turkey as flight was delayed. The entertainment had no movies or TV shows I liked. If someone was next to me I would not have enjoyed not having aisle access. I went to Saudi airline deck to take my boarding. ", Points positifs : "Loved the smooth ride." Points négatifs : "Avion surbooké, j'ai été séparé de ma compagne comme beaucoup d'autres passagers... Mauvaise expérience de vol surotut pour 12h de vol. ", Points négatifs : "Very delayed. Points négatifs : "More movies on the system", Points positifs : "Flight was on time, touch down smooth" Points négatifs : "Not happy to pay extra money for my case", Points positifs : "Shirt flight but well catered, boarding was efficient and quick." Points négatifs : "Doha to Lahore flight plane was a bit older than Edinburgh was new and exciting", Points négatifs : "I was given incorrect date and missed my flight. Trouvez un vol pas cher vers la Tanzanie Volez avec Ethiopian Airlines™, le nouvel esprit de l'Afrique & accumulez des Miles avec ShebaMiles ", Points négatifs : "Boarding was very annoying because when you go through security they make you feel like a total criminal for no reason. Very worst service." Points négatifs : "Bathrooms were so dirty by the end of the trip. Very poor service by Lufthansa to help delayed passengers. Points négatifs : "more leg room", Points négatifs : "Chaotic boarding. Points négatifs : "Entertainment Oryx One, lunch quantity aswell. But none of them bothered helping me. ", Points positifs : "Food, seat, entertainment" There was an overnight delay of 8 hours until the next flight. Also, staff was a bit slow to come after being called, I had to go and ask for water by myself at some point since no one was coming after 15minites of waiting...", Points positifs : "Crew is excellent, polite and personal!" ", Points positifs : "The seat was comfortable the boarding crew was so helpful", Points positifs : "It got me there" Communication was terrible. Un bagage sur 10 bagages, quelle mauvaise organisation", Points positifs : "L'organisation." They have the latest movies and shows to watch on their in-flight entertainment. I'm his mother, I'm currently visiting family in Scotland, so couldn't help him much. Points négatifs : "The seats could be roomier. It was my worst flight experience because nobody wanted to help me. Almost all passengers were coming from Al-Haj. ", Points positifs : "Cet avion un B--777 avait plus d’espace pour les jambes, ce qui fut fortement apprécie.. Ce n'était pas le cas pour les épaules, surtout si le voisin est le moindrement corpulent ou un peu hors norme, ce qui n'est pas mon cas, ni celui de mon épouse." Découvrez nos quelques astuces pour réserver votre vol vers Zanzibar (Tanzanie) depuis Paris (France) au prix le moins cher possible. The trip wS expensive at 770$ ! In Istanbul airport they said your next flight tomorrow at 20pm. Pourtant atterrissage prévu initialement vers 11h. Achetez votre billet d’avion pour Zanzibar, TANZANIE au meilleur prix sur notre site de réservation Air France. ", Points positifs : "On a eu 3 h de retard ... l’avion n’était pas plein donc attendu l’autre vol" Points négatifs : "Bathroom was pretty nasty", Points négatifs : "Fix the damn KIOSKS at Vienna! Réservez des vols pas chers pour Tanzanie : Recherchez et comparez les tarifs aériens sur Tripadvisor et trouvez les meilleurs vols pour votre voyage à Tanzanie. ", Points positifs : "Service, food, Cabin cleanliness, friendly service", Points positifs : "Personnel de bord efficace et agréable" Points négatifs : "Waiting area outside gate was crowded and slow service, plane take off was delayed Plane wasnt clean enough food wasnt good taste horrible", Points positifs : "Ended up having spare seats beside me.