Because of this, you should cycle more than you do a complete change. I didn’t consider that. Some betta fish pellets. So I am a new betta fish owner. I have conflicting advice. And he can recognize me. Thanks for your help. He does go to the top to gulp air but seems to prefer to hang out at about six to 8 inches down. How Long Do Betta Fish Live? If you have any advice pls help! All the water parameters are in check. Like anything, it gets easier the more you learn and research. Is there something else that could be wrong. You could try feeding him a pea, boiled in water for a few minutes, and then remove the skin before feeding. you spelled your name wrong . You could administer some aquarium salt (not table salt) per its instructions and dissolved in another container of tank water first. See more ideas about betta, aquarium fish, fighter. Is your tank near direct sunlight? See picture.) Thanks so much! Premium Quality Plakat Betta for Sale This page shows some of the types of Plakat Betta for sale at our online retail Tropical Fish store. Betta fish can be very picky eaters too. days at my heyday for 6 mo. Hi Allison – my apologies for the delay in my response, your message got hidden. In the morning I noticed his color was like metallic sky blue, the red stripes all gone. Nitrite: 0PPM You will be very sad if your betta jumps out and dies that way. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Use an aquarium thermometer to monitor your tank’s temperature. Again, she was only about two months old. Betta fish need specific food because they are carnivorous and like meat. does this mean that I have to purchase a new tank, filter, and everything else? As a betta owner, you should always be monitoring the health of your fish and watching out for any indicators of concern. It’s hard to say whether he is dying or not without more information. Domestique. We breed high quality betta fish for sale and ship them directly to your doorstep. Thanks! Please don’t overfeed . Fast forward a couple days later and I noticed one of my other bettas had a fungal infection. Sounds like stress without seeing a photo. This is my first time owning a Betta fish and i just want to do it right, as i love fish. I am planning on getting a betta fish and I have a 10 gallon tank that I have used for other fish in the past. Dragon Plakat Betta print available in the size medium 8x10. I put her in her own tank and did ANOTHER 100% water change. There is a food and feeding page on the website here, but first the tank is too small and will lead to health problems. Nous avons le regret de vous annoncer que l'offre recherchée n'est plus disponible. I’ve been researching like crazy before I buy the fish, but haven’t found anything pertaining to blue lights. Hi, my Betta Fish has little tattered fins. Use water conditioner/dechlorinator to make tap water safe for bettas. We got my son a halfmoon betta on Friday. Persistent refusal may mean trying a different brand or blend until you find the right one. Feb 6, 2015 - Explore Chee Chang's board "Fighter Bettas", followed by 378 people on Pinterest. How much should I add for the tank size? If you keep your aquarium near a window the light may be hitting the tank just right to cause a reflection too. Ammonia should ideally be zero parts per million (ppm). He needs a heater ASAP. Apologies in advance if this is really long, I tend to ramble when I’m anxious. What would be good for a 3 gallon fish bowl. The rest of his day is spent resting on the back wall either near his heater or behind the filter, with an occasional swim through. Is this a routine practice, or should I only do this if he displays stress or discomfort? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. My best guess is that the female jumped over the divider to get to the male, if there was any space at all between the divider and the lid. Will he have the same reflection issues in the glass tank? Based on what you said, it does sound like color-changing and regrowth and not an ailment, but you’re welcome to send me an email at if you’d like. The darker is the better and a blue led light is the best but don’t leave it on all day. My daughter just bought a betta two weeks ago. I have done about a 1/4th change since getting him. I would like one but my family isnt wanting to buy a new tank instead of me using a small bowl. My betta fish has what looks like a little ball below his chin and I whisked it away. Fake plants and leaves should be silk and not sharp plastic. Females can also coexist together in sororities which lead to different recommendations on care too. The blue light is fine, so long as you don’t keep it on all day, every day – and give them time to rest/sleep in the darkness. That will depend on whether it’s filtered or not. Constant flaring can cause a lot of stress, and should subside after a few days when they get used to their new territory and habitat. Make sure you’re doing it on a regular basis per your specific filter’s instructions. I have been doing research for months before I started college, so I could have a little friend with my while I started my journey. Use a magnetic or algae cleaning wand for regular algae removal while the tank is filled. Did you treat the new water with water conditioner? About once a month I find a blob of poop, about 3/4 size of a small pea, at the bottom of the aquarium. Always acclimate your betta fish when re-introducing them to their tank after a complete water change. I really want a beta fish! My Other family members have had bettas and they lived in vases and were fed and where happy too. So, I’m planning on getting a betta and I read everything on this page, but how long should I leave the tank with water but without the betta? Below are common characteristics of healthy and sick bettas. I also have a couple of panda corys in there that they seem to get along with very well .I don’t think they are the reason for this as I took all the necessary steps to avoid disease and sickness before I added them into the tank. Avoid the headache of transhipping with Prism Bettas Premium Imported Show Bettas located in in Illinois. I have personally found that it does keep my fish healthy and I rarely have a betta get ill. For general maintenance I use 1/2-teaspoon per 1-gallon of water. I’ve looked around for a battery powered heater, but can’t find anything. There are over 70 different species of betta fish, with the betta splenden being for sale in pet stores. The easiest way is to use a siphon vacuum and a small trash can or 5-gallon bucket to have the water flow into. Fry upbringing should be reserved for experienced caretakers and breeders. If it’s filtered and you fully establish a proper nitrogen cycle it could be several weeks. Fasting is definitely good practice to keep your betta regular and the pea is to introduce some additional fiber to also keep the betta’s digestive tract functioning properly. L'offre «Betta Plakat gold» a été supprimée. Hi, Ranjan that’s great. Missed him. The original form was red and blue. I refer to this website very often. How big is his tank? Don’t restrict access to the water’s surface, or fill your tank to its maximum capacity. The KH buffers the pH and affects how easily it can cause it to fluctuate, so bad would be 0ppm. Cleaning your tank and its decorations is very important for your betta fish’s health. I want to know what could have caused this. The increased space in larger tanks will decrease the territorial instincts of the betta and may decrease the aggression against certain types of fish. Betta fish need natural or artificial light while they are awake during the day, and darkness at night so they can sleep. All artificial plants and leaves should be silk if possible. He is near a window. I guess I’m asking if you have any suggestions as to why this is happening? If it’s less than 5 gallons, ammonia can build up fast. It’s better to allow a betta to go without food than to dump a bunch in there and think they’ll eat it. Black Orchid Halfmoon Plakat Betta (PRE-ORDER) CA$29.99 CA$24.99 On Sale On Sale Mustard Gas Halfmoon Plakat Betta (PRE-ORDER) CA$29.99 CA$19.99 Sign up for the latest sales, stock, and more! Fast for a couple more days and see if things improve. Artificial lighting is recommended, placing your betta fish’s habitat away from windows. I have been all over the web and am getting so much conflicting information. I am doing the partial water changes and checking ph. So I’m not having a heater. I recommend at least a 2.5-gallon because otherwise the water gets dirty fast with ammonia build up and nitrates which are harmful. Hi!! You and your site are very, very helpful and I am grateful for you. Ammo: 0.5 (went up from yesterday) The subject is about full water changes for your betta fish tank. The problem is the other 2. I am however diligent with water changes. Nitrite should ideally be zero parts per million (ppm). They are your little helpers when it comes to tank maintenance and caring for your betta fish. If so, how many sides and what kind? What causes the slick on top of the water in a freshwater tank? Elongated, slanted anal fin is the main defining characteristic. Ce poisson originaire d'Asie du sud-est est territorial et agressif; les asiatiques parient sur les combats entre mâles. If you use tap water, be sure to use a betta water conditioner to remove chlorine, chloramine, ammonia, and other heavy metals. Amazon Sword) and they’re soft. Monitor water parameters with test kits and strips. ), it ends up in the tank’s water. As for the color changes or becoming more vibrant, that’s normal in some bettas as they are cared for better. Haha, I had a betta that used to like eating like that too instead of at the surface. A built-in thermostat heater. By the way I use pellets. what water treat ment is best sugjested for bettafish. I’m feeding her blood worms 2 times a week & Betta flakes. I plan on moving them to a 40 gallon once I get the filter for it but I don’t want to risk the last two dying. Will they get better? How do you vaccum sand? i bought a 3 gal tank for my beta (the size seemed right for it’s location) but the only one i could find in my price range had a color changing light that emits the air bubbles too. She had stopped eating. Sounds like a fungal infection. But he seems bloated, and I stopped feeding him for a couple of days, but it hasn’t gone away. If he’s slowly dulling in color then it can be a sign of stress. Pretty sad. I agree, steal that little guy and give him the life he deserves, as it was not the fishes choice to be a pet in a tank verses the wild.. Take him… They won’t care ‘he’s only a fish’… Give it a good home…, Hi, I plan on housing 2-3 females in a 10 gal tank. I responded to your email, but yes a 10-gallon would be fine – although I’d recommend a longer horizontal tank than vertical for a betta if possible. So far Perry seems to like the extra space, hoping Luke does as well! One of the biggest myths regarding bettas is how they can live just fine inside a tiny bowl or vase. and symmetrical (should look like modern halfmoon with proper form, but with shorter fins). Oh ok, glad you are working to correct that, and thank you for the additional details. Ph is 6.5. It was about 60 degrees down there and the heating turned off and on. Males are the opposite being larger in size, they have brighter coloring (bright green, blue, red, etc. My only concern is although the tank is a little over a foot deep, the circulation on the water up near the surface might be too much for him.